Fall 2019 1L Welcome Letter

Fed Soc 2019 1L Welcome Letter

Welcome to Suffolk Law School!

My name is Moses Y. Bension, and I’m the president of the Suffolk Law Chapter of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. In addition to welcoming you all to campus, I want to provide a brief introduction to “Fed Soc” and tell you about our events for the year.

The Society is the number one student organization for intelligent discussion of pressing legal and public policy topics. Throughout the school year, we host panels and discussions featuring top professors here at the law school and scholars from other universities and think tanks, as well as federal judges, public interest litigators, practitioners, and government officials. We bring in the nation’s top experts to share their experiences and opinions with Suffolk Law students and take your questions and hear your thoughts. We also offer the best food of any club at our events.

This fall, we already have three events scheduled with experts on topics like the Supreme Court’s upcoming docket, the role of a Judge, and free speech versus “hate speech.” Additionally, be on the lookout for our annual Constitution Day table on the 4th floor on Tuesday, September 17th.

All of our events are open to the entire Suffolk Law community, but some students choose to sign on as members of the Society, a nationwide network of over 40,000 lawyers, law students, and academics dedicated to promoting conservative and libertarian ideas within the legal community. Members attend conferences, receive top-notch scholarship published in our journals and magazines, and participate in events with local attorneys in over 105 lawyer chapters across the country. If you consider yourself a conservative or libertarian, contact us about becoming a member.

Again, welcome to Suffolk Law. We hope that you’ll join Suffolk Law Fed Soc in making this an interesting place where ideas are discussed, issues are debated, and students are able to interact with the top legal minds from across the country.

Warm regards,

Moses Y. Bension
Suffolk Law Federalist Society

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