A Recap of Suffolk Fed Soc’s Fall 2021 Events

The Fall 2021 semester was packed with great events and it was amazing to see such enthusiasm and involvement, from 1L’s to evening students. Below is a recap of some of the great events we had!

Fed Soc started off the year by celebrating Constitution Day. Members spent the day tabling and handing out pocket constitutions.

On September 21st Suffolk Fed Soc had Professor Josh Blackman in to give us a preview of the Supreme Court’s fall docket.

On October 5th, Suffolk Federalist Society hosted a debate between CUNY Professor Barry Latzer and Suffolk Professor Stephen Cody on Mass Incarceration in the United States. Before the debate, Professor Latzer had lunch with several Fed Soc members!

Then, on October 18th, Fed Soc hosted a panel discussion with University of Illinois Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson and Suffolk Professor Renee Landers who worked to answer the question, “When should government turn one citizen against another?” 

Throughout the semester we hosted monthly social gatherings at Scholars, bringing together current Suffolk students and Federalist Society members to mingle and get to know one another outside of school. 

On November 19th, Fed Soc organized an alumni panel with several former Suffolk Federalist Society members coming back to Suffolk to talk about their careers and experiences with the Federalist Society. 

This semester, Suffolk Fed Soc members also attended the National Lawyers Convention at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, volunteering and socializing with other law students and lawyers from across the country.

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