Current 1Ls

You’re a conservative or libertarian 1L student at Suffolk Law.

Moses, next year’s President, has stopped by your class to talk about the Federalist Society with you.

You’d like to join the Federalist Society (annual dues for law students are $5).

Why Join
“Fed Soc” has funding (90% of it comes from individuals and foundations and 10% from corporations).* This means the Society pays accomplished speakers to participate in meaningful panels on issues we care about. It also means the Society will reimburse 50% of your travel and hotel bills for attending the National Student Symposium, held at a different law school each April (coinciding with our Spring Break).

The Federalist Society is an incredible collegial network of law students and lawyers. We regularly join area law school chapters at their events as well as panels hosted by the Boston Lawyers chapter, usually at the Omni Parker House down the street. Last week, we listened to Supreme Court litigator Alan Gura discuss campaign finance reform over tea and coffee and joined him for dinner and drinks afterward. In fact, four of the nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are current or former Society members.

*The Society does not take money from any political party or group affiliated with a political party or from the federal government.

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